Episode 61: Why The Best Way to Learn is by Doing with Kai Bond, Serial Entrepreneur and VC at Courtside Ventures

Re-run: This episode originally aired in March 2018 but Kai’s lessons in entrepreneurship are timeless. In this episode, Philip spoke with serial entrepreneur and now venture capitalist Kai Bond. Kai is the lead investor at Catalyst Fund which is a seed fund based in New York City. Catalyst Fund is an extension of Comcast Ventures and it serves as a unique investment vehicle to elevate minority entrepreneurship by matching capital and resources with underrepresented minority entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Catalyst Fund Kai has had a truly remarkable career as an entrepreneur. He’s had some painful failures and tells Phil about his lowest point where he didn’t even have enough money for a subway ride. Kai talks about building his third startup within 60 days (Pixie Tv) which he would then go on to sell to Samsung within a year. Kai was also the General Manager of Samsung’s accelerator and Hatch Labs where the dating app Tinder was incubated during his tenure as GM.