Episode 59: (Re-run) The Importance of a Strong Brand and How to Create One with Alain Sylvain Founder of Sylvain Labs

Alain Sylvain is the founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, an innovation and brand design consultancy. They have offices in New York, Amsterdam, and Richmond, VA. The company serves as a strategic planning resource for product developers and marketers. They have some of the biggest names as clients including Google, Airbnb, Spotify, General Motors, Samsung, Facebook, Nike, Uniqlo, PepsiCo, Bloomberg, and others.

Alain is co-founder and investor of several ventures including Master + Dynamic, a design-driven, premium audio brand. Lílo, the first-of-its-kind refrigerator-stable açai bowl, and Waynesaw, a mobile game.

On the show, we unpack what it takes to get branding right and he gives us an insight into the creative process without giving away too much.

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