EP50: Tony Conrad – Serial Entrepreneur and Partner at True Ventures with over $2bn AUM

This week we’re interviewing Tony Conrad of True Ventures, Sphere, about.me, WordPress and many other great startups. On this episode we discuss: – The turning point of modern startup culture – Expert level networking – The emotional intelligence necessary to excel in the startup landscape The theme of this episode is networking, networking, networking! And no, you aren’t just going to hear the obvious “just get out there and meet people!”, Tony has some concrete advice for how to surround yourself with people that will guide you along your journey as an entrepreneur.

Coming from a tiny midwestern farming town, Tony was not set up for the life as an entrepreneur that he went on to lead. His startup experience more or less fell into place after a decision to move to California after working in the corporate world for 8 years, and he’s been killing the game ever since which is why we call him the Godfather of Silicon Valley. Having invested in companies such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Bandcamp, Fitbit, Peloton and more, Tony seriously knows what he’s doing and you won’t want to miss out on the expert advice on this episode. Visit our site: startuphandmedowns.co