EP48: Just Do What You Love and It’ll Work Out with David Jamilly Co-Founder of Theme Traders

This week we’ve interviewed David “DJ” Jamilly, co-founder of Theme Traders, a creative event production business (emphasis on the creative) which grew to the impressive from his party entertainment gig as a teenager!

On this episode we discuss:
The social aspect of doing business
Setting client expectations
Kindness (both the not-for-profit organisation David founded and just kindness in general)

David is just a super nice guy who has figured out how to make millions off of having fun. You know when people tell you “just do what you love and it’ll work out” and you don’t believe them? Well, it actually worked out for David! He founded an event production business with his sister called Theme Traders which has worked on events such as Pride London 2018, album launches for Island Records, and much more. David is equally as dedicated to his philanthropic work, which has led to him founding Pod Children’s Charity, The Good Deeds Organisation, and Kindness Day UK.

If you are disheartened by the cold nature of a business or just having an off day, give this episode a listen, because David “DJ” Jamilly will seriously restore your faith in humanity.

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