EP47: Why Brands Need Personality with Mat Braddy Former CMO of Just Eat and Founder of Updraft

Ok I know last week we promised a new episode but you’re going to have to wait one more week… this week we’re playing a rerun of one of our favorite interviews with Mat Braddy, former CMO of Just Eat and current mentor extraordinaire.

On this episode we discuss:
– Why Mat Braddy ran for office
– Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan
– The importance of bold marketing as a brand competitor
– Some marketing tips and tricks (read: how to not waste your whole marketing budget on an ineffective ad)

Mat is a pretty funny guy which is why 30% of this episode is Phil laughing, and it’s also why Just Eat got to be one of the biggest takeaway brands ever! From ads such as “give hunger the finger” and bold marketing stunts such as kidnapping celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, Mat Braddy could be described as a marketing genius. My favourite bit of advice in this episode is to consciously try and take in every ad you see on your walk home, and in the morning, ask yourself which ones you remember because those are the ads that made you think.