EP46: Anton Derlyakta – CEO & Co-founder of Sweatcoin and Founder & Managing Partner at Talent Equity VC

This week we are reairing and old episode- our interview with Anton Derlyakta, CEO & co-founder of Sweatcoin and founder & managing partner at Talent Equity Ventures.

On this episode we discuss:
How to tell when someone is going to be a success
The best qualities of an entrepreneur
The contextual nature of the startup world
This episode was aired two years ago and since then, he’s been busy. For those of you out of the loop, Sweatcoin is an app that pays you in Sweatcoins to move outside. SweatcoinsThis interview is full of great venture capital insights as well as his origin story. Anton tells us that he wasn’t a natural born entrepreneur (though technically he did have a startup at university). He didn’t go to business school until he’d already had a significant career as a marketer in a large company. But, in the past decade, he’s funded countless startups at his VC, Talent Equity Ventures

are their own cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for real stuff on their app like a fitness watch, gift card, ebooks, etc. The app has over 20 million downloads and the founders are now working on expanding their cryptocurrency, but at the time of this interview they were just starting out!.