Ep 57: How We Raised $1m and Sold our App for $48m in Less Than 2 years with Jordan Fliegel MD of TechStars Sports and Serial Entrepreneur

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Fliegel who’s an early-stage investor and serial entrepreneur with a focus on sports tech.  Before Jordan started investing he co-founded a number of successful startups, including Draft, a fantasy league app which he started with his best friend and went on to be acquired by Paddy Power. At the time of the acquisition, they had a team of fewer than 15 employees.  Jordan also co-founded CoachUp which he raised $15m for with the likes of Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors later investing in the company. A calm and humble entrepreneur Jordan talks nothing but facts about what it actually takes to start and run a company and how marketing is really about maths. These days, Jordan Fliegel heads up TechStars as the MD of their first-ever sports tech-focused accelerator based out in Indiana.

We recorded the show at BetaWorks studios in meatpacking New York. Halfway through the show we had to leave the studio and ended up recording in the lobby so apologies in advance for the background noise.