EP53: Why You Don’t Need Another Book with Angel Gambino

Angel Gambino is a WIRED Top 100 executive who has built companies on three continents. She’s also an urban regeneration pioneer, a visionary investor, a passionate environmental lawyer, and a dedicated and loving mother. The technology phase of her career has included co-founding investment partnership Prehype Partners, senior roles at the BBC and MTV Networks, and leading the pioneering UK social network Bebo. She has also played pro soccer, and she ran logistics for the USWNT at the Olympics. Raised in Detroit, she recently returned to San Francisco as founder-CEO of a social artificial intelligence startup called Sensai.

This is fitting as it’s Women’s Month and Gambino is nothing short of an incredible entrepreneur and investor. Her background should inspire you to take more risks, pursue your goals and do whatever you feel passionate and compelled to do.

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EP52: How to build amazing products – with Ian White of Business Insider and Co-founder of Sailthru

This week is a repeat episode with Ian White who’s the co-founder and former CTO of Sailthru. Recorded June 2017

On this episode, we discuss:

– How to build a product
– The importance of talking with users
– Speed to market

Ian White was the CTO and Co-Founder of email service provider Sailthru. They’ve raised over $48m and now staff over 200 people in New York City. He also helped build Silicon Valley Insider which later grew to become Business Insider. He’s known for building the famous slideshows feature in Business Insider articles.

Ian is now the Founder of Stardog which is his consultancy business for startups.

In this episode of Startup Handmedowns Philip and Ian talk about the early days of Business Insider and building Sailthru whilst still at Business Insider. They talk about product managers, CTO’s and more

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EP51: Transforming Education and How We Learn with Austen Allred Founder and CEO of Lambda School

This week we sat down with Austen Allred of Lambda School, Fit Marketing, Grasswire, and Lendup.

On this episode we discuss:

– Growth marketing galore

– The free upfront model

– When to invest

Austen Allred has a super interesting origin story, having dropped out of university himself, he went on to co-found his own school and pushing the envelope for the future of education. For those of you who are out of the loop, Austen created Lambda School, a coding school that asks for no money up front in an exchange for a percentage of your salary after you get a job making more than 50k. Austen got his start in the business world at Stubtopia, a ticket brokering company that he started with his brother at 18. After handing over the reins to his brother, he went on to complete an LDS mission in Ukraine which ended up setting a tone of dedication and perseverance for his whole career. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to make your move, I suggest listening to what Austen has to say as he gives honest advice about growth, product market fit, fundraising, and how to take the right advice.

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EP50: Tony Conrad – Serial Entrepreneur and Partner at True Ventures with over $2bn AUM

This week we’re interviewing Tony Conrad of True Ventures, Sphere, about.me, WordPress and many other great startups. On this episode we discuss: – The turning point of modern startup culture – Expert level networking – The emotional intelligence necessary to excel in the startup landscape The theme of this episode is networking, networking, networking! And no, you aren’t just going to hear the obvious “just get out there and meet people!”, Tony has some concrete advice for how to surround yourself with people that will guide you along your journey as an entrepreneur.

Coming from a tiny midwestern farming town, Tony was not set up for the life as an entrepreneur that he went on to lead. His startup experience more or less fell into place after a decision to move to California after working in the corporate world for 8 years, and he’s been killing the game ever since which is why we call him the Godfather of Silicon Valley. Having invested in companies such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Bandcamp, Fitbit, Peloton and more, Tony seriously knows what he’s doing and you won’t want to miss out on the expert advice on this episode. Visit our site: startuphandmedowns.co

EP49: The One Thing All Successful Startups Have in Common With Tammy Nam COO of PicsArt

This week we’re sharing our interview with Tammy Nam, COO of PicsArt, a photo editing platform with over 100 million monthly users. Tammy has worked at tons of cool companies such as Slide, Scribd, and Viki, and has earned quite a name in the consumer-facing tech world.

On this episode we discuss:

How to deal with different founders
The attributes of virally successful companies
The role of culture in startups

Full of helpful startup marketing tips, this episode is for all non-technical entrepreneurs out there. Voted one of the top 25 women to watch in tech by AlwaysOn, Tammy has a ton of expert advice to share, from how to bring out the best in different founders to navigating the challenges of being a woman in tech.

EP48: Just Do What You Love and It’ll Work Out with David Jamilly Co-Founder of Theme Traders

This week we’ve interviewed David “DJ” Jamilly, co-founder of Theme Traders, a creative event production business (emphasis on the creative) which grew to the impressive from his party entertainment gig as a teenager!

On this episode we discuss:
The social aspect of doing business
Setting client expectations
Kindness (both the not-for-profit organisation David founded and just kindness in general)

David is just a super nice guy who has figured out how to make millions off of having fun. You know when people tell you “just do what you love and it’ll work out” and you don’t believe them? Well, it actually worked out for David! He founded an event production business with his sister called Theme Traders which has worked on events such as Pride London 2018, album launches for Island Records, and much more. David is equally as dedicated to his philanthropic work, which has led to him founding Pod Children’s Charity, The Good Deeds Organisation, and Kindness Day UK.

If you are disheartened by the cold nature of a business or just having an off day, give this episode a listen, because David “DJ” Jamilly will seriously restore your faith in humanity.

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EP47: Why Brands Need Personality with Mat Braddy Former CMO of Just Eat and Founder of Updraft

Ok I know last week we promised a new episode but you’re going to have to wait one more week… this week we’re playing a rerun of one of our favorite interviews with Mat Braddy, former CMO of Just Eat and current mentor extraordinaire.

On this episode we discuss:
– Why Mat Braddy ran for office
– Eating the Big Fish by Adam Morgan
– The importance of bold marketing as a brand competitor
– Some marketing tips and tricks (read: how to not waste your whole marketing budget on an ineffective ad)

Mat is a pretty funny guy which is why 30% of this episode is Phil laughing, and it’s also why Just Eat got to be one of the biggest takeaway brands ever! From ads such as “give hunger the finger” and bold marketing stunts such as kidnapping celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson, Mat Braddy could be described as a marketing genius. My favourite bit of advice in this episode is to consciously try and take in every ad you see on your walk home, and in the morning, ask yourself which ones you remember because those are the ads that made you think.

EP46: Anton Derlyakta – CEO & Co-founder of Sweatcoin and Founder & Managing Partner at Talent Equity VC

This week we are reairing and old episode- our interview with Anton Derlyakta, CEO & co-founder of Sweatcoin and founder & managing partner at Talent Equity Ventures.

On this episode we discuss:
How to tell when someone is going to be a success
The best qualities of an entrepreneur
The contextual nature of the startup world
This episode was aired two years ago and since then, he’s been busy. For those of you out of the loop, Sweatcoin is an app that pays you in Sweatcoins to move outside. SweatcoinsThis interview is full of great venture capital insights as well as his origin story. Anton tells us that he wasn’t a natural born entrepreneur (though technically he did have a startup at university). He didn’t go to business school until he’d already had a significant career as a marketer in a large company. But, in the past decade, he’s funded countless startups at his VC, Talent Equity Ventures

are their own cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for real stuff on their app like a fitness watch, gift card, ebooks, etc. The app has over 20 million downloads and the founders are now working on expanding their cryptocurrency, but at the time of this interview they were just starting out!.

EP45: Marketing Mistakes Startups Make with Ex-Googler, Gaston Tourn – CMO of Badoo

This week on Startup Handmedowns, we sat down with Gaston Tourn, CMO of Badoo which for those of you who don’t know is a dating app that is most popular in Europe and South America. Gaston describes himself as a writer and a poet, creating the narrative of the customer and integrating their stories into the product in question. Like many of us, Gaston once had the belief that marketers go out and trick people, that it’s more of a “slimy job”, which makes his journey to marketing even more interesting. Hear how he didn’t set out to become a marketer at all, and how he was actually convinced by Google to try it out. I mean, if Google told me what job I’m meant for, I’d believe them too. Gaston talks about his time working on projects such as Google Adwords and Youtube before joining Badoo as CMO.

The work he’s doing at Badoo is pretty impressive, and from the way he describes it in the interview, it totally makes sense that he sees himself as a writer and a poet. Gaston is working to fix online dating, on the whole, adding safety measures within the app and features to rid some of the common online dating problems and ultimately, get the users on more dates. As well as trying to mend online dating’s failures, he is focusing on the stories of couples who have found each other on Badoo and telling their stories.

Gaston is super interesting and has a lot of great tips, especially if you’re marketing a new startup with a limited budget.

EP44: Why Diversity of Thought is Extremely Valuable with Porter Braswell – Co founder and CEO of Jopwell

Welcome to another episode of Startup Handmedowns! We promise this episode was worth the wait! This week, we chat with Porter Braswell, co-founder and CEO of Jopwell, a career advancement platform for people of colour. As Porter describes, Jopwell was created out of necessity. When Porter entered the finance industry, he noticed that there were very few people in the industry that looked like him, and as a black man who had many opportunities that most people of colour are systematically barred from, he allocated the responsibility onto himself to fight for diversity in the workforce.

Part of the reason why Jopwell is so successful is that Porter is able to foster a community that is about more than just finding a job. He knows that bigotry isn’t something that is just felt in a controlled environment like work or school; being a marginalized person means that you experience the world differently, giving you a unique perspective on the world around you. This can make it very hard to find success in a workforce that heavily favours white men, but what many companies are discovering with the help of Jopwell is that the diversity of thought resulting from a diverse workforce is extremely valuable.