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Episode 64: Stop Taking Programmatic Approaches to Systemic Issues with Ben Hecht President & CEO at Living Cities

This was a slightly different type of interview as I did not interview a serial entrepreneur who’s built multiple...

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Episode 63: How to Build Successful Tech Companies and Market Them with Dan Sutera, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor and Investor

In this episode, Philip had the pleasure of speaking with serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor Dan Sutera. Dan Sutera...

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Episode 61: Why The Best Way to Learn is by Doing with Kai Bond, Serial Entrepreneur and VC at Courtside Ventures

Re-run: This episode originally aired in March 2018 but Kai’s lessons in entrepreneurship are timeless. In this episode, Philip...

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Episode 60: Investing in Diverse Founders with Eric Collins Founder and CEO of Impact X Capital

Sticking with the theme of Black History Month, Philip sat down with Eric Collins who’s the founder and CEO...

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Episode 59: (Re-run) The Importance of a Strong Brand and How to Create One with Alain Sylvain Founder of Sylvain Labs

Alain Sylvain is the founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, an innovation and brand design consultancy. They have offices...

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Philip Kasumu

Startup Handmedowns is an original podcast hosted by tech entrepreneur and story teller Philip Kasumu. We learn from some of the greatest minds in...


Startup Handmedowns

Each episode Philip walks down memory lane with founders and investors while trying to understand how they became successful...


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